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Sports Headlines Rant

So it’s been a while… I’ve been working on some projects… I.E. my book and The website where you will be reading this blog once it’s up. Either way I’ve been slacking on my Buzzer Beater duty’s… So i want to cover some of the stories that Affected me.

A-Rod – Who cares… this guy is a bum… Just like most of baseball. Astros Outfielder Lance Berkman actually had a really good quote saying how from here on out Clean or Dirty every player will be doubted… Even if there clean now, everyone will suspect Success with Steroids. I’m Sorry, Baseball wasn’t my favorite sport to begin with, but with this, it’s just so fake. The Best of the Best of our team have been guilty and like Berkman said even if you had success playing clean, people won’t believe you.
A good argument pops up in my stance… People knowing I’m a huge fan of football, bring up the fact that most football players take it. First off, i don’t know the validity of that statment but i must say I agree. As far as my defense, i would have to say that in baseball steroids can single handly help you hit 70 home runs, but it can’t single handly help a player pass for 50 touchdown passes or catch 20 touchdowns. Football is the ultimate team sport.

NBA Trade Deadline – I was going to write a post about this, but got lazy because i was doing other work… Needless to say i didn’t want to do a blog about it because how sad it made me. As a sports fan I absolutly love Trades. Big Huge Blockbuster Trades! And what happend… nothing. I’m not so much mad that Amare didn’t get traded or Vince Carter Didn’t get traded, the Bigger names… I’m honestly more Angry at two teams I have respect for the Trailblazers and the Cavaliers. Two of the Best Expiring Contracts you could have in the Blazers Raef Lafrentz and the Cavs Wally Szszerbiak and neither one got traded for a player that would help in a championship run. Now having said that, at least the Cavs have more of an excuse in the fact that wally is a key player of the bench… The Blazer had no reason to use LaFrentz’s contract for a player who could have an impact on a playoff run. It makes me feel like the Blazers know they Can’t get past San Antonio or the Lakers. 

Stephon Marbury to the Celtics – Great Move. Anyone that hates on this move, i would say doesnt know a thing about Basketball.. this is because AT WORST he has a bad attitude and they release him. AT BEST hes the best backup point guard in the NBA. Thats No risk and only possible reward. Some ESPN experts were saying they didn’t need him because Rajon Rondo has emerged as a team leader on the court and off. I’m not so much worried about giving Rondo a rest, i think Marbury allows the Celtics too rest players like Ray Allen and Pierce. The Celtics can play small ball with Rondo and Marbury in the same lineup. I love this move.

NFL Combine – My Next Blog will cover this more in detail but just to touch on it a little, I’m loving that Pat White Proved he could throw the ball and now is being considered a Quarterback prospect. I’m totally calling Stafford being a Huge Bust. And as Far as Alabama’s Andre Smith goes… I don’t know if any player has EVER… EVER EVER…. Dropped there stock as much with dumb moves as much as Smith. I just Can’t believe it. I don’t even know what to rant about with smith. I sit there and watch ESPN just wondering how someone could waste 1.The opportunity of a lifetime 2. Millions of Dollars 3. There own Talent. Ridiculous.

This was a little taste… I’ll be back sooner this time… Don’t go far




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