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So it’s been a while… I’ve been working on some projects… I.E. my book and The website where you will be reading this blog once it’s up. Either way I’ve been slacking on my Buzzer Beater duty’s… So i want to cover some of the stories that Affected me.

A-Rod – Who cares… this guy is a bum… Just like most of baseball. Astros Outfielder Lance Berkman actually had a really good quote saying how from here on out Clean or Dirty every player will be doubted… Even if there clean now, everyone will suspect Success with Steroids. I’m Sorry, Baseball wasn’t my favorite sport to begin with, but with this, it’s just so fake. The Best of the Best of our team have been guilty and like Berkman said even if you had success playing clean, people won’t believe you.
A good argument pops up in my stance… People knowing I’m a huge fan of football, bring up the fact that most football players take it. First off, i don’t know the validity of that statment but i must say I agree. As far as my defense, i would have to say that in baseball steroids can single handly help you hit 70 home runs, but it can’t single handly help a player pass for 50 touchdown passes or catch 20 touchdowns. Football is the ultimate team sport.

NBA Trade Deadline – I was going to write a post about this, but got lazy because i was doing other work… Needless to say i didn’t want to do a blog about it because how sad it made me. As a sports fan I absolutly love Trades. Big Huge Blockbuster Trades! And what happend… nothing. I’m not so much mad that Amare didn’t get traded or Vince Carter Didn’t get traded, the Bigger names… I’m honestly more Angry at two teams I have respect for the Trailblazers and the Cavaliers. Two of the Best Expiring Contracts you could have in the Blazers Raef Lafrentz and the Cavs Wally Szszerbiak and neither one got traded for a player that would help in a championship run. Now having said that, at least the Cavs have more of an excuse in the fact that wally is a key player of the bench… The Blazer had no reason to use LaFrentz’s contract for a player who could have an impact on a playoff run. It makes me feel like the Blazers know they Can’t get past San Antonio or the Lakers. 

Stephon Marbury to the Celtics – Great Move. Anyone that hates on this move, i would say doesnt know a thing about Basketball.. this is because AT WORST he has a bad attitude and they release him. AT BEST hes the best backup point guard in the NBA. Thats No risk and only possible reward. Some ESPN experts were saying they didn’t need him because Rajon Rondo has emerged as a team leader on the court and off. I’m not so much worried about giving Rondo a rest, i think Marbury allows the Celtics too rest players like Ray Allen and Pierce. The Celtics can play small ball with Rondo and Marbury in the same lineup. I love this move.

NFL Combine – My Next Blog will cover this more in detail but just to touch on it a little, I’m loving that Pat White Proved he could throw the ball and now is being considered a Quarterback prospect. I’m totally calling Stafford being a Huge Bust. And as Far as Alabama’s Andre Smith goes… I don’t know if any player has EVER… EVER EVER…. Dropped there stock as much with dumb moves as much as Smith. I just Can’t believe it. I don’t even know what to rant about with smith. I sit there and watch ESPN just wondering how someone could waste 1.The opportunity of a lifetime 2. Millions of Dollars 3. There own Talent. Ridiculous.

This was a little taste… I’ll be back sooner this time… Don’t go far




Ok so its not like E.J. Skeets is thatmuch more knwon then I’am… but he has his own blog on Yahoo Sports.
This is my chance to pat myself on the back and brag a little.
Today he blogged the exact same thing i blogged 2 nights ago. Yet i have no readers and he has thousands
Check it out for yourself,140328

He blogged about the Guitar Hero commercial.
The one area i beat him in other then the fact i wrote mine first… is the fact that he’s defending Kobe. When realistically the picture on his blog should have a big circle with a slash through it on Kobe also.

Back to reality




The Recent A-Rod Steroid speculation got me thinking about how much i hate him and everything he does.
That got me thinking about his most recent commercial… you all have seen this guitar hero commercial starring Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, and Tony Hawk….

and thought it was soooooooo cool.

I was skeptical and i continue to be skeptical. Especially with the recent news that A-rod used sterioids.

Wow guitar hero you know how to pick em’.
Kobe Bryant = Rapist
Michael Phelps = Druggie
A-Rod= Cheater

and Tony Hawk… is cool, but kinda old news and kinda a bore.

The Next Guitar hero commercial can have Mike Tyson on drums, Terrell Owens on Bass, Roger Clemens Singing, and Michael Vick on Guitar.
Ok so Michael Phelps’s recently headlines have been overblown but i don’t really like the guy anyways, although he is the only one i root for out of this line-up.
My point is even if these guys didnt all do dumb or illegal things, there still not that interesting. Now on top of not being interesting they all have major faults.

Now if they wanted an awesome commercial they would of signed up Lebron James, Peyton Manning, Cole Hamels, and Shaun White. Now that would of made for a cool commercial.




The Superbowl Good
*Jennifer Hudson’s National Anthem
*Bruce Springsteen’s Halftime performance
*The Excitement
*James Harrison’s 100 Yard Interception Return
*Larry Fitzgeralds 64 Yard touchdown Reception
*Kurt Warner and Big Ben
*The Movie Trailer Commercials: G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Monsters Vs Aliens 

The Superbowl Bad
*All the penalty’s, let them play for christ sakes
 *Hines Ward No-Show
*The Lack of a run-game for both teams
*The Cardinals stopping their blitzing on the Steelers final drive
*Matt Millen on the pre-game. This guy put together the worst team in NFL history… The (0-16) Lions. And they have him for pre-game commentary? (Needless to say when Millen picked the Cardinals i cried out in agony “WHY!?!?!”
*The Commercials. Just flat out pathetic this year. Few were actually funny and creative

The Superbowl Ugly
*The Ref’s not reviewing the final play of the game to make sure it was a fumble and not an incomplete pass. Just down right wrong. If it’s an incomplete pass the Cards have 8 seconds left from the 28 yard line. A distance that does not need a Hail Mary. A deep pass from Warner to Fitzgerald had an actually good chance of happening had they had a chance.

Listen, the Cardinals had plenty of chances to win the game. The final play of the Second quarter could have been stopped. The Steelers could have been stopped on their final drive. But that doesnt change the fact that if you have the ability to make sure you get a call right… MAKE SURE.

I Don’t know if it was a fumble or not. I didn’t think so. But instead of reviewing it and making sure it was a fumble now as a Cardinals fan i feel robbed. Robbed of one last shot at the endzone. One shot at one last miracle. If the Cards had the shot and missed it… would i still be pissed they lost? YES! But there would be no speculation.

It pains me so much. Because a review is so simple. It’s so damn simple. Yet i sit here a day later… and I’m still not getting that review. For the rest of history… Whether the Cardinals ever make it back to the Superbowl or not… that game will have always ended without a proper review.




I Love the Superbowl!
It is #3 on my list of favorite  days of the year

#1. Thanksgiving (Food, Family, Football)
#2. Christmas (Food, Family, Gifts)
#3. Superbowl (Football, Commercials, Best Sports Event)
#4. My Birthday (My Day, Gifts)

No sports game means more and is as intense as the Superbowl. Sure the NBA Finals or the World Series reach this intensity if they get to a game 7. The Superbowl is game 7. The two best teams will smash helmets for 4 quarters. Nothing compares to this. Anything can happen, because for one game of the year you have to leave it all on the field. This is what sports is to me.

You have the Underdog Arizona Cardinals against the new age Steel Curtain Steelers. For the past 2 weeks I have been racking my brain with whose going to win this game. For ten days my pick was a homer pick and I thought it was in the stars that the Cardinals improbable run couldnt end without a championship. I Already had it in my head…
5:23 left in the fourth quarter.
Steelers have just kicked a field goal to boast their lead to 27-21. In the next 5 minutes Kurt Warner would paint his final masterpiece on a 5 minute drive that resulted in a touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald for a 28-27 Superbowl win.

As i read more articles and thought about the matchup, i started to become swaded. The past two days have made me realize that the Steelers have the #1 Defense in the NFL and defense wins Championships. The Steelers have more experience. And the Steelers have more talent.

The Cardinals get the ball back with 5:23 left down 27-21
And on the ensuing drive, Kurt Warner is intercepted by Troy Polamalou. To end the Game 27-21 Steelers.

It makes all the sense in the world the game will end like this. The Statistics favor the Steelers. There is one statistic we can’t measure though. The Cardinals may have DESTINY on their side. Everyone doubted them against the Eagles… Everyone is doubting them against the Steelers… People have said they are the worst Superbowl team of all time. All that does is rev them up. Give them underdog status. Destiny is on their side… and Destiny will take the Cardinals to their first Superbowl championship
Final Prediction: Cardinals 28 Steelers 27

Other Predictions
Kurt Warner: 3 TD’s over 250 Passing Yards.
Big Ben: 2 TD’s one will be a rushing TD. Over 250 Passing Yards
Willie Parker will outrush Edgerin James
Larry Fitzgerald: Game Winning TD. Will be held under 100 yards
Anquan Boldin: 1 TD, Over 100 Yards reveiving
Hines Ward: Him not being 100% healthy will hurt the Steelers in the end
The Cardinals Defense will force at least 2 turnovers




So your best friend has been stuck an a island for the past 2 years. They finally make it back home just like in Cast Away. You see them, give a big hug, and you start chatting it up. You tell them

*We Have a Black President!!!

*I’m dating Megan Fox!!!

*The Cardinals are in the Superbowl!!!Arizona Cardinals huddle by <|▐ MrCardinal▐|>.

Which one are they not going to believe?
I see them saying something like this
“So Colin Powell finally ran for president… Bout time! Wow Dude, First Brian Austin Green, now you, Megan Fox really is a weirdo. But listen i may have been on an island for the past 2 years but I know better then to believe a  bullshiter like you telling me about the cardinals are in the Superbowl… you always were a crazy son of a bitch!
Soooooo…………. How’s Fox in bed?”

and that is how i think that conversation would go.
But the reality of it is… the Cardinals are in the Superbowl and there in it to win it!




I haven’t Posted in a while because there was nothing worth talking about.

*The Florida Gators beat Oklahoma Sooners in a game that didn’t prove who the national champion is. Utah, USC, and Texas have arguments
*No NFL picks because who would of predicted 3 upsets in the Divisional round.
*I still hate Kobe and the Celtics were losing out of their minds.

But now… The Arizona Cardinals are headed to the Superbowl… I mean should this be that much of a suprise? I mean the New York Giants beat the Undefeated Patriots… the Devil Rays beat the Red Sox in a seven game series to advance to the World Series… Utah was the only undefeated College Football team and they werent the Champs… Sports are just getting crazy and unpredictable.

As Far as the Cards go… I didn’t buy any of their success up to this point until their second to last drive of the game lasted around 8 minutes and resulted in a perfectly called shovel pass for a touchdown and a seven point lead.

Up until that point… the Cards had defeated an Overrated Rookie led Falcons team at home.
They did defeat a very good Panthers team but that team was destroyed by their own quarterback who had 5 turnovers. Yes the Cards played well but Delhomme was throwing it right to them.
And then in front of a home crowd they jumped to an early lead on the Eagles, one of the touchdowns coming on a fluke flea-flicker.

My point is, the Cardinals have played well but they never once were faced with any adversity or must have clutch moments. After 3 three-and-outs… the Cardinals were down a point when they put together thee most gorgeous drive I’ve seen in the playoffs this year. They Passed for first downs, ran for first downs… and played a wonderful game of “WASTE-THE-CLOCK”. On third and goal after two horrible run calls… The Cardinals let in the Steelers blitz for Warner to do a quick shovel pass to rookie Tim Hightower.

This Drive… Proved the Cardinals are for real. It proved they Deserved to be there and deserved to be where they are going. And because of this drive I have faith in the Cardinals Again. I had faith they were going to stop the eagles on their next drive and i had faith they were going to the superbowl… and read the next line carefully…
“I have faith that the Cardinals underdogs and all, are going to upset the Pittsburgh Steelers, and win the Superbowl”
It’s going to be a tough matchup… and the Steelers very well could dominate this game… but I think the Cardinals have it in them… their not gonna let this game slip away.




So i was 1-3 for the wild card weekend. But i did mentioned how i might eat my words because home/favored teams, usually come out on top, i just didn’t take my own advice in my picks.
I Was 1-3
Home team was 2-2
Favored team was 2-2

I’ll make sure to get my picks in for next week but for now, I’ve lost 3 so to make it up quick i’ve got some more knowledgable picks for you

Texas Longhorns -8
Ohio State Buckeyes +8
MY PICK: Longhorns -8

I want to pick Ohio State, i really do. I LOVE the +8, and i think they are much improved offensively since the start of the season, but they have gotten crushed in the Fiesta Bowl too many times.

Florida Gators -3.5
Oklahoma Sooners
MY PICK: Gators -3.5

I hate Oklahoma, so maybe my pick is bias, but if i had to put a 1,000$ on one of these teams even with the spread i’m goin gators. Again maybe I’ll eat my words because it’s going to be a great game, but my prediction is Gators by 14

Hopefully i get back on track… and hopefully i didn’t cost anybody their mortgage this weekend




THE NFL PLAYOFFS START TODAY… and as you learn more about me, you will begin to understand, that yes, I am a gambling man. I’m not addicted or hooked… it’s more of a way to show my sports knowledge… to puff out my chest and say that’s right, I KNOW MY SHIT!
So i got the Odd’s and my picks for the first week of the Playoffs.
Atlanta Falcons +2.5
Arizona Cardinals -2.5

MY PICK: Falcons +2.5
I dont like many of the home teams in week 1… But i might eat my words because every year we doubt them, and the home/Favored team pulls it out. I’m sorry the Cardinals look like a joke. And you’ll be happy to know i actually have a 10$ bet on this game with a guy who owes me ten.

Indianapolis Colts EVEN
San Diego Chargers EVEN

MY PICK: Colts
This game is the best game of week one, and it’s gonna be a close one, as you can tell with the Line being Even right now. Chargers are banged up and Colts look deadly.

Baltimore Ravens +3.5
Miami Dolphins -3.5
MY PICK: Dolphins -3.5

The one home team i like this week. I don’t like either of these teams, but even with the 3.5 points i don’t trust the Ravens on the road with a rookie quarterback. This game could be ugly and have a final score of 13-10. But i still like the Dolphins to cover the spread

Philadelphia Eagles +3
Minnesota Vikings -3
MY PICK: Eagles +3

I love Adrian Peterson… But Vikings are new to the playoffs and most the Eagles have been there done that… plus with the Points i feel safe, If minnesota Wins, it couldn’t be by more then 3 points.




Well call me a copy-cat. This is my Bill Simmons esque running diary for the epic Lakers-Celtics Christmas day Game.

I just watched the same old Suns lose to San Antonio… AGAIN! Same Suns… same Outcome. Eventually you have to think San Antonio is in their head.

9:54 Left in the first quarter
All the talk so far is about how whiney the Lakers are about their finals loss. Listen Bynum is impressive, but he wouldnt of made a difference last year. He’s just as soft as Odom and Gasol

8:57 Left in the first quarter
OMG… what do you know… Kobe Bryant is complaining about a foul called on him… ohhh no KOBE, You never commit fouls!!!

6:15 Left in the first quarter (Celtics 13-10)
gotta love the 5 seconds they actually can show of Garnett celebration of last years win because the rest was just one big BLEEP.
Have i mentioned how much i hate Kobe Bryant?

27.5 Seconds Left in the first quarter (Celtics 24-23)
Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce have had a good first quarter. KG has been quiet, Gasol is missing shots, and Perkins is getting out played.

First Quarters is over Celtics up 24-23.
Much of what i thought… 8 lead changes, Kobe and Allen are going back and forth and the Celtics are acting like the trash talkers you always hear that they are giving the Lakers 3 wide open shots as a “test”… i can just imagine the talk on the court “Bleep bleep bleep I’ll give you that shot bleep bleep bleep”

10:30 Left in the Second quarter (Lakers 27-24)
The Celtics bench is just looking sloppy. Bring P.J. Brown out of retirement.

8:49 Left in the Second quarter
what an akward interview with Adam Sandler and Kevin James… Promoting two horrible movies. Paul Blart Mall Cop and Bedtime Stories. Kevin James was just boring and Sandler you could tell just wanted to watch the basketball game. Listen i Love the celebs that are bein hardcore sports fans, and i feel bad that most celebs give the hardcore fans like sandler a bad name. They just wanna watch a basketball game like anyone else.

5:50 Left in the Second quarter (Lakers 37-29)
I’m questioning some of the foul calls. Listen i admit im a celtics fan, but the lakers are getting some calls… the celtics are getting no calls, yet they show replays where KG is getting slapped on the wrist after shots

That commercial for the movie Notorious gives me chills. The Actor playin biggie is spot on

LOVE THIS VAN GUNDY QUOTE… “Did you say phil jackson said Pau Gasol was an UNDERRATED defender???? How about overrated. My god it’s like a dunk show out there”

1:55 Left in the Second quarter (Lakers 48-41)
looks like the dunk show has started for L.A., Celtics known for their defense are just letting Gasol have free dunks.  

51-45 Lakers at halftime… i missed the last minute because i had to move chairs for my family… my apologies. gimme a break, its christmas.

how is it fair having Magic Johnson cover this game? He played for the Lakers and isn’t he like a team president?
Love what Jon Barry had to say about the Celtics still out toughening the Lakers even with Gasol and Bynum.
OHHH what do you know… A Laker interviews a Laker for the halftime show.
I LOVE the new T-Mobile commerical with Barkley, Wade and Yao. Hilarious.
Now that it’s halftime i can let you in on my feelings about Kobe Bryant. You can consider it a lil taste of what the blog about it will be like. I think Kobe Bryant is a great scorer, and def up there for best player in the league. But give me a break… Lebron is #1. I would rather have Wade, Chris Paul, Lebron, and yes Brandon Roy too. I just want to let you know… i made this decleration to my friends before Roy had his 50 point game. Roy is a better overall player then Kobe Bryant… there, i said it.

WOW… Stu Scott, just said “Kobe Bryant might be #2, #3, best 2-guard ever behind Michael Jordan.” Gimme a break. After that atrocity of a comment, i have to listen to these two Lakers laugh at their own bad jokes.
Kobe just said that if the Redeem team played the Dream team, Kobe would guard Michael Jordan. Jordan would light you up kid. Jordan would go for 40 points on Kobe.

6:16 Left in the third quarter (Lakers 62-56)
Lakers are outplaying the Celtics right now… Kobe is looking like he wants me to eat my words. Even with the poor Celtics play though, the Lakers are still getting the calls there way. The Celtics can’t catch a break.

You gotta love hearing White as rice Van Gundy rant about Snoop doggy dogg and Puff Diddy Daddy names changing.

3:30 Left in the third quarter (Celtics 64-62 ) 
Celtics turn it on so easily… and now they’ve got a 2 point lead. Pierce is going off. yet the calls still go against the Celtics. Rondo drives to the hoop doesnt run anyone over, yet he gets called for an offensive foul, and his 4th of the game. I think the Laker refs… i mean the refs, are realizing Rondo is the key to the Celtics success.

Heres a good question to stir up a good debate… Is Doc Rivers a good coach? or has he benefited from the fact that he got a 3-headed beast in Allen, Garnett, and Pierce …plus a Defensive wiz for an assistant coach?
I like Doc, My call is he was in the right place at the right time.

.50 Seconds Left in the third quarter (Lakers 71-66 ) 
Odom just hit two huge threes to give the Lakers the 5 point lead. I like Odom a lot. I just don’t like Odom on the Lakers or as a power foward. He could be a great swing man for say the Knicks, Suns, or Warriors, instead he withers away on the Laker bench.

End of the Third Lakers up 71-67

8:48 Left in the fourth quarter (Lakers 75-73 ) 
I really like Tony Allen. Scored two big buckets for the Celtics… i really think he can be the James Posey for this years team. I know Van Gundy and Marc Jackson say he doesnt have the size Posey has, but i like Allens explosivness and defensive potential.
I dunno how i like the fact that Doc is keeping the reserves in with 8 minutes to go in the game. GET GARNETT and PIERCE back in there.
As i type… i eat my words… House hits a big 3 to give the Celtics a one point lead.

The Classy Lakers Fans are chanting “Paul Pierce Sucks, Paul Pierce Sucks”
STAY CLASSY L.A. meanwhile you guys chant MVP for a guy who was up for Rape charges until the women mysteriously backed out… and boy did her wallet look much fatter afterwards.

4:59 Left in the fourth quarter (77-77)
The Last 2 Lakers possessions, Kobe has called for the ball, even gave a big shrug when he didnt get the ball, and he continued to not get the ball. Listen It’s not all about you buddy… your teamates can make plays too.

3:49 Left in the fourth quarter (Celtics81-79 )
Alley-Oop Rondo to KG for the first Celtic lead of the 4th Quarter.
Kobe comes right back to Tie the game. This reminds me the Finals. Back and forth back and forth. This game has been hyped up for a reason. Celtics trying to keep the winning streak going and Lakers trying to prove their tougher then last year.
I Know I’m a Celtics fan, but i just have that feeling that the Celtics are going to pull this one out just like they did in the finals

Under a minute Left in the fourth quarter
Huge block by Gasol leads to a 7 point Laker lead and after some more sloppy Celtic play, Lakers win by 9.
I made the wrong call… Lakers pulled it out. They Kept their heads straight while the Celtics seemed to be out of Rythem.
Streak Over
See Ya in the Finals Lakers